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reblog if you are a NERD who loves DRAGONS

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Did you know that due to American Public Law 94-479, by the 94th Congress, George Washington is protected from being outranked by any officer in past, present, and future? Meaning if there’s a 6th star general, Washington is automatically upgraded to 7th. There is a law dedicated to preserving Washington’s badass status.


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being friendly with a boy you aren’t romantically/physically attracted to and him developing feelings for you isn’t your fault, nor does it mean you were “leading him on”. you are under no obligation to date him.

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Isn’t this the hetalia movie

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i just heard a water bottle in my room crack… there’s a ghost out here just trying to get hydrated… i can respect that

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The ultimate dad joke compilation

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"nicki minaj had so much face surgery"




Thank you 🌞

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Trying to stay awake in a boring class



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somebody closed a door in my house and my little sister goes “whos inside?” and im just like” umm everbody?? its 10:30 at night?” and shes like “No! somebody just came INside” like no somebody opened and closed a door that wasnt the front door so chill no left or entered the house

Aries:has no chill
Taurus:has too much chill
Gemini:needs to shut the fuck up
Cancer:won't stop crying
Leo:keeps checking the mirror
Virgo:talks while you listen to your fave song ????
Libra:wears too much makeup
Scorpio:has a boner
Sagittarius:probably snorts paprika for fun
Capricorn:cleans too much or not enough
Aquarius:ditches babies
Pisces:needs rehab
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